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Health Benefits of Plants

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Health benefits of plants in the workplace

There are many benefits from having plants in the workplace. Not only do they make a better impression on visitors, and make it a much nicer place to work, they also offer many health benefits reducing the number of days absent taken by staff, for example:

  • Plants filter the air, removing some of the harmful toxins given off by modern office equipment and synthetic materials, along with carbon dioxide.
  • Plants give off oxygen, making people more alert so they work more effectively.
  • Plants make the atmosphere more humid, reducing tickly coughs and absenteeism.
  • Plants have psychological benefits, making you happier, less stressed and more productive in a greener, more natural environment.
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Office Plants

When floor space is limited

Planted bowls and troughs can be very effective, as well as enhancing cabinets used as dividers. They can give you that welcome touch where there is no floor space.

It is considered good Feng Shui to have a plant next to every PC to enhance the balance and harmony in the office. They can even echo the large plants in the rest of the office.

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Plant dividers
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